DSC00058 (2)Robert "Eric" Villanueva

Associate Pastor


Robert attended catholic schools when he was growing up.  But sometime in his younger days, he invited Jesus to come to his heart and be his savior.  During this time, the Villanueva family was on a transition from very religious to born-again experience.  This made his teen-age years a preparation to the ministry of Jesus.  He was being exposed to his personal experience with his Savior Jesus Christ.  He was also being trained in the knowledge of the Bible.  In 1992, Rev Leni Villanueva-Narciso ordained Robert as a Youth minister.  Couple years later, he went to the United States of America to help in Faith in Christ Church, Los Angeles.  He was a great pillar for the ministry.  He moved to Faith in Christ Church, South Bay to work in the ministerial staff of FICC South Bay.  He got married to Lordelyn Villaruel of Pagsanjan, Laguna Philippines.  At present, this couple are working as assistant pastors in FICC, South Bay.  Robert’s gift of teaching is a great addition to God’s kingdom.