The Story Of Faith In Christ Church


God has a destiny for all people. God moves according to HIS plan and purpose. Rev Remberto Buan and Leni Villanueva Buan, through divine guidance and events were used by God to start this work of God. By their side, God brought Dr. Michael and Dr. Adelle McKinney as they were to pioneer a work in God’s Kingdom. Then through a series of events, including the passing away of Rev Buan at a young age, Sis Leni, at 32 years of age, became the Father of Faith of what would be a worldwide ministry.

The year was 1979 when Rev. Leni Villanueva, pastor of Faith in Christ Church, Los Angeles, together with Rev. Michael and Adelle McKinney of the now World for Jesus International, travelled to the Philippines to hold their first international evangelistic crusade. Rev Leni had been praying for a mighty revival in her very religious family and in the whole Philippines. Out of that prayer and witnessing, the family became born again. A church was established in their home in the Philippines and was called by God to come out of a denominational covering. It now needed organizational set up and prayer support. It was on this trip that Brother Eddie Villanueva was ordained in the ministry by Dr. Michael McKinney. A mighty revival was brewing then in the nation of the Philippines. After few years the Lord called Bro Eddie and Sis Dory in one of the largest Pentecostal movements in the country, the Jesus is Lord Fellowship. Pastor Belen Villanueva came from this move of the Holy Spirit.  Avelina (Belen) Villanueva married Adelle McKinney’s brother, Mervyn Kuwaye in 1980. They settled in California. At this time, Sis Leni, Bro Mervyn and Sis Belen were working together pioneering churches globally. In the 80’s, they were coordinating worldwide Prayer Rallies for the Philippines with Brother Eddie Villanueva as the main speaker. These prayer rallies worldwide moved the hand of God for a spiritual revival.

By this time, Mervyn and Belen were handling the International Ministry of the JIL Fellowship. After several years,Rev. Mervyn and Avelina (Belen) V. Kuwaye were ordained by Sis Leni to be assistant pastors of Faith in Christ Church.